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MyDoc : Efficient access and tracking of all your documents

Simple and effective document management solution

With our document management solution, you can consolidate all your documents from design to delivery:

  • Have the latest version of validated documents at your disposal
  • Standardise coding rules within your company
  • Keep a record of the history of your documents

With MyDoc, it’s easy to find the right document so you can focus on your operations.

Tree structure management

Document nomenclature

Preview from the DMS

Validation circuits with VISAS

Document revisions

Document information traceability

Document and related information export

Edit and view rights management

Add and consult your documents

Document management solution MyDoc

Easily integrate all your documents using a defined nomenclature.

Classify your documents according to your tree structure in different folders.

View your documents, including DWG, IFC and DXF, directly from MyDoc.

Document lifecycle monitoring

Document management solution MyDoc

Distribute your documents by recording VISAS and notifying approvers.

View the different revisions of your documents.

Access all the information linked to your documents (history, tags, etc.).

Management of all your documents

Document management solution MyDoc

Export your documents to collaborate on your construction projects.

Manage edit and consultation rights by file.

Find the document you need simply by saving filters.

Find your documents in a unique database for the right person at the right time in your project.

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