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MyCheck : Management of worksite observations

Enhanced management of observations in real time
An intuitive and ergonomic worksite management module to supervise the operations progress, from your mobile tablet or your office PC:

  • Locate and contextualise your defects and observations with precision
  • Collaborate efficiently with or without a connection on different supports
  • Share your detailed progress statistics with all worksite participants

The MyCheck module is fully configurable to match the specificities of your worksites with full rights management.

Access rights to observations by emitter and by phase

Assignment of observations to companies and teams

Location of observations on 2D plans or 3D models

Planning of observations on the web

Easy access to observations data

Massive change of observations status and phases

Observations’ progress statistics

Exports of observations’ progress reports

Enhanced collaboration between stakeholders

pc and tablet worksite management

View the plans and models directly on the worksite from the tablet to find the latest updated information.

Consult and file your defects and observations directly from the field.

Work without connection constraints with the offline mode.

Worksite management and monitoring

worksite management dashboards

Manage your project with the help of various dashboards to always have an idea of the worksite's progress.

Easily distribute your reports to the various stakeholders.

Quickly filter your defects in order to mass update them to save time.

Control of information access

upload and synchronization of worksite management

Synchronise the project on your tablet to collect the latest information and send the changes made.

Manage all read, write and modify rights for all user groups to ensure that the right information is given to the right people.

Have pre-configured libraries of defects to speed up standardisation on all your construction sites.

Throughout the cycle of your operations, from design to deconstruction, MyCheck allows you to control project data.

The right information reaches the right people quickly to improve the quality and performance of your construction sites.

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