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MyForm : Optimal follow-up of your control forms

Quality and safety management on your construction sites
All of your QHSE (Quality control, Health, Safety & Environment) processes are digitised throughout the project:

  • Customise the control forms according to your processes
  • Supervise the quality control of your operations
  • Manage the progress of compliance

Thanks to the customised form templates, according to your organisation, benefit from all your control forms anywhere to ensure the quality and conformity of your projects.

Creation of customised form templates

Administration of form libraries by project or organisation

Management of access rights by users group

Location of forms on a 2D plan or 3D model

Consulting of form data on the web

Progress monitoring via dashboards

Customised reports via Word

Exports of forms’ progress reports

Customisation and harmonisation of your controls

construction quality control

Take advantage of a large library of existing or custom form templates.

Create control forms (Quality control, Health, Safety & Environment) for your project or for your entire organisation to harmonise methods and processes.

Manage access rights of your form template for your operations.

Supervision of quality control and safety

supervision quality control

Fill in and modify the various control forms directly from the tablet with or without connexion.

Prepare the control of your workers on field in advance by marking the areas to be controlled with the right forms.

Validate with electronic signatures the controls made by all the project workers.

Sharing and collaboration for optimised quality

quality control form

Export your control reports following existing or custom templates.

Track compliance progress with status changes.

Manage access rights to control forms to secure access to data.

All your safety prevention or quality control processes can easily be digitised with MyForm to optimise project quality and compliance.

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